Underfloor Spray Foam Insulation

Underfloor insulation – the best choice of insulation material to ensure maximum comfort in your home

Uninsulated floors are often ignored in the middle of winter or summer as a contributing factor in the overall comfort of your home. However, they can be a major cause not only of cold floors but also heat loss, sound transmission through gaps and cracks, as well as insects and moisture or musty odours rising from the underside of your home.

Provided there is adequate clearance height underneath your home, and we can access all areas, we will crawl underneath your home and spray apply our closed-cell polyurethane foam directly to the underside of the floor. This will mainly achieve two things:

  1. The seamless nature of the sprayed foam application will seal all the gaps and cracks and stop cold air coming up through the floor and around the skirtings
  2. Provide an effective insulation layer that will reduce heat/cold transfer through the floor

Only a spray-applied foam will provide this combination and only by having this combination can you truly insulate your floors. There is no point doing one without the other.

Why Choose Underfloor Foam?

The Superior Insulation Material

Polyurethane foam insulation is the best material to insulate floors in residential homes because:

  • It insulates against heat and cold better than any other commercially-available insulation material.
  • It is applied quickly and is especially suitable for old and existing buildings.
  • It forms an air tight seal to prevent heat/cool losses from airflow (draughts and air leakage).
  • It is immune to moisture.
  • It stops musty odours and keeps out dust and insects.
  • Less heating and air conditioning results in reduced greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint.
  • Unlike other insulation types, it won’t deteriorate over time and doesn’t buckle or sag.
  • It is truly a fit and forget solution which keeps working year after year, saving you money on utilities and ensuring maximum enjoyment of your home.

Why Choose Foamed Insulations for your Underfloor Insulation?

Here are 6 great reasons to choose Foamed Insulations for your Underfloor Insulation needs:

40 Years’ experience in spraying Polyurethane Foams (and only polyurethane foams)
Installations are only done by our qualified installers
Peace of mind: You will receive a 1 year workmanship warranty and 10 year product warranty
Minimal disruption: A typical installation is completed in 1 day
No hidden surprises. Therefore, what you are quoted is what you will pay.
Australian Made, owned and operated. Quality product and quality workmanship. Foamed Insulations has an outstanding record of success in servicing the Eastern Seaboard for over 40 years.

Winter Time – Quick and easy installation

Polyurethane foam is one of the most efficient insulation materials to install. It can be sprayed to fill or cover any space, cavity, or surface. It sets almost instantly. Most home installations take less than a day. Click here for a free quote so you can be warm in winter

Call a professional residential home insulation contractor you can trust

With over 40 years’ experience, specialising in only polyurethane foam thermal insulation, Foamed Insulations has the expertise and experience you can trust to install your underfloor insulation safely and effectively.

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Underfloor Insulation Installation Photos